“By Allaah, thi…

Crunchy Ummi

“By Allaah, this world in comparison to the hereafter is nothing but as though one of you dipped his finger in the sea. So ponder how much (of sea water), the finger returns with.”

Ponder over the above.

If you are Muslim, I’m sure you can contemplate a bit deeper as you feel a connection with the one who said it (peace and blessings be upon him).

I love aayaat and ahaadeeth which re-enforce the “traveller in this world” attitude. They do so much for me. They make me grateful for what I have, for it is a lot! They remind me life is short; grudges aren’t worth holding, and life is tough but that hardship is worth it.

Right now they do more than that. For the past year or so I have been trying to de-clutter (both mentally and physically). I have tried different approaches, from trying to…

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Cheeky wipes – 25% off until Sunday 4th May

After much consideration i decided to order my cheeky wipes kit after crunchy ummi recommended them. After all i am trying to be more eco friendly and with 3 children small children im always looking for ways to save money.

Cheeky wipes are currently offering 25% off until Sunday 4th May as its reusable nappy week.

Their FAQ section & other pages are very informative. After reading “which wipes fabric is best for cloth baby wipes” i opted for their bamboo wipes as i live in a very hard water area.

reusable nappies purchase

After the birth of M i discovered my local council give a voucher towards reusable nappies when you spend over £45. If your interested in buying reusable nappies the upfront cost can seem expensive but well worth it, its also worth seeing if your council have any incentive schemes.

These are the nappies & wraps i purchased after a chat with Wendy @ the nappy lady , the nappies are so soft 🙂

I used my voucher at HeyBaby, Poundbury, Dorchester

Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch Washable Nappy

Motherease airflow waterproof nappy wrap

reusable nappies -advice/purchases

I came across this great website called the nappy lady she has an interactive chat available so you can contact her for advice and she has a huge range of nappies too 🙂

You should read this article from her website especially the section about the health benefits of using reusable nappies, its worth a read – http://www.thenappylady.co.uk/clothvdisposablenappies.html#advantagesofclothnappies

Jackson reece baby wipes

We have been using jackson reece baby wipes for years now and i HIGHLY recommend them, we have tried and tested different brands of eco wipes including NATY & waitrose (they are so dry you might as well use toilet roll to wipe their bum).

They sell scented (they are only scented using aloe vera & organic essential oils) & unscented. We prefer scented as they smell so nice and because we found that the unscented ones were dryer than the scented packs.

Jackson reece wipes are organic and moist, i could go on and on about them but you can find all information including ingredients & stockists here