Jackson reece baby wipes

We have been using jackson reece baby wipes for years now and i HIGHLY recommend them, we have tried and tested different brands of eco wipes including NATY & waitrose (they are so dry you might as well use toilet roll to wipe their bum).

They sell scented (they are only scented using aloe vera & organic essential oils) & unscented. We prefer scented as they smell so nice and because we found that the unscented ones were dryer than the scented packs.

Jackson reece wipes are organic and moist, i could go on and on about them but you can find all information including ingredients & stockists here


5 thoughts on “Jackson reece baby wipes

  1. love these too! And yes naty are terribly dry!
    Wanted to suggest using reusable wipes? I bought an excellent package from amazon, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cheeky-Baby-Wipes-Washable-Kit/dp/B002DKBLQM/ref=sr_1_4?s=baby&ie=UTF8&qid=1398550440&sr=1-4&keywords=wipes+washable
    bit pricey for what it essentially is, but the system helps. its even an idea to use soft flannels/fabric/clothes parts one isn’t wearing and cut them up to size. I have already saved ££s and just chuck them in with my nappies. I found I was using wipes for random things as well like sticky toddler hands or bit of milk being brought up. rather than a muslin etc. I guess when its just there and disposable I didnt consider enviromental factors. x

    • assalaamu alaykum, ive been thinking about the reusable wipes and may buy them to use with M as she is still small & breastfed her poo isn’t too bad to clean up. There are 25 wipes per kit, do you find that enough? on their website they have an option to add more

      • alaikis salaam, sorry only just saw this message. Yep 25 I find more than enough. With the poos I wash off any bits before throwing in the mucky box and will put in with my nappy cycle. x

      • I ordered a mini kit as I can just put the wipes in the nappy buckets, I ordered an extra 25 wipes as they are 25% off at the moment. They should arrive today inshaaAllah, quite excited 🙂 if you buy direct from their site instead of amazon you can get the 25% off until 4th may

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