reusable nappies – attempt 2

I started my reusable nappy journey when my youngest son was born, i had high expectations for them but they failed miserably. I had to put so many inserts in to stop him leaking the nappies became too bulky which restricted his movements so i went back to NATY eco nappies.

After more research and buying a few more different reusable nappies to add to my already large collection i have decided to try again.

M is 7 weeks old now and has been in reusables for two days now, no leaks so far alhamdulilah. She seems comfortable in them too…lets see how we get on.

reusable nappies i recommend :

little lamb nappies (check ebay for good deals)

thirsties duo (worth shopping around & checking ebay)

itti bitti nappies

All the above are branded nappies, they are pricey but the quality is great so if i were to ever buy more again those are the ones i would go for, stay away from bambino mio & tot bots – waste of money.

My largest supply of nappies i bought on ebay you can find them here , they come in a large range of prints and are quite good once you work out how many inserts your baby requires. I purchased a mix of inserts (bamboo & microfibre).

If you would like any advice about reusable nappies or anything else i have posted feel free to ask


4 thoughts on “reusable nappies – attempt 2

  1. I’d recommend pop-in by close parent, they do two types. You can now get mixed bundle without purchasing both 🙂 Currently using on third child and still going strong 🙂 x

    • Close parent is a good brand, I bought a pair of their training pants and a waterproof car seat cover. I will have a look for the pop in ones inshaaAllah not that I should really buy anymore haha

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