Cheeky Wipes – product review

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I received my Cheeky Wipes mini kit today, i am so excited. Sad i know, but what can i say the joy of discovering something new is great :). Such a simple idea but well thought out.

I put them straight in the washing machine and have been using them already as you don’t need to wait for them to dry before using them. Just fill the box to the appropriate level, put 4/5 drops of the soaking solution (essential oils), put the wipes in and your ready to go!

So far Ive used them for :

Toddler (20 months) nappy change – Well as soon as i had the box filled my son done a big poo so perfect chance to try the wipes, my boys love kiwi so when they poo it can be a nightmare getting the small black seeds of their bum. The wipes are great!!! I used 3 wipes in total for one change…that’s very little compared to what i normally use when using disposables.

Wiping toddlers hands & face – I used the wipes to clean the boys after dinner time, my eldest loves them already. After i cleaned his face he came back within minutes asking me to wipe it again with the new wipes.

I was so excited when making my purchase i didn’t really think ahead, i ordered the mini kit because its for cloth/reusable nappy users. Most of us already have nappy pails (buckets) for soaking & wet bags for traveling. But i don’t use my nappy bucket to soak the nappies as some are all in one and not suitable for soaking so i should really have ordered the all in one kit as it comes with the mucky box. I’m using a small bucket with a not so sturdy lid to soak my wipes, not a good idea with two toddlers in the house who may kick it over.

I also didn’t think about the fact i have 3 children and live in a house with stairs! anyone with children & stairs will understand….you will be in one place ready to change a nappy but the wipes wont be….dilemma! so ideally i need a second fresh box…one for upstairs, one for downstairs…problem solved.

So i will have to make a trip back to Cheeky Wipes sooner then expected, which is fine even though i feel I’m becoming slightly obsessed as i currently view their site multiples times a day.

I opted for their bamboo wipes – firstly because bamboo is natural & so soft, we have some bamboo nappies which are so soft its tempting at times to put them on myself. Secondly because we live in a very hard water area (according to Wessex water) and they will stay soft over time.

I think my next purchase after a new fresh box & mucky boxes will be their Cheeky Mama sanitary range (pads/pantyliner kits)

Sorry for such a long review but i couldn’t miss anything out 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cheeky Wipes – product review

  1. glad you’re doing so well with these. 😀
    I was going to suggest for a solution for the stairs problem, why not use the bags that you’re meant to have when out? And if these are downstairs, you can pop them in your bag when you leave? 🙂
    Also, was going to say you know when you mentioned originally about older soiled bums, I would put some cotton pleats inbetween the towels and use them for soiled bums, so they’re wet but also disposable but natural 🙂 or with the cheeky wipes, if you have time just wash off anything before putting in bag? x

    • Thank you that is a good idea, but I’m a bit of a scatter brain sometimes mainly due to tiredness so I will probably forget the bag. If I’m using a box/bucket I won’t forget inshaaAllah…i like the Mucky box as the mesh sits inside, I tried to do that with a mini bucket I have and a mesh bag it didn’t work well the soaking water soaked up into the mesh and over the edge of the bucket. So what I’ve been doing is just pouring the wipes along with the water in the washing machine (lazy I know) but saves me fishing wipes out of the toilet if I pour the water down without a mesh bag.

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