reusable nappies – attempt 2

I started my reusable nappy journey when my youngest son was born, i had high expectations for them but they failed miserably. I had to put so many inserts in to stop him leaking the nappies became too bulky which restricted his movements so i went back to NATY eco nappies.

After more research and buying a few more different reusable nappies to add to my already large collection i have decided to try again.

M is 7 weeks old now and has been in reusables for two days now, no leaks so far alhamdulilah. She seems comfortable in them too…lets see how we get on.

reusable nappies i recommend :

little lamb nappies (check ebay for good deals)

thirsties duo (worth shopping around & checking ebay)

itti bitti nappies

All the above are branded nappies, they are pricey but the quality is great so if i were to ever buy more again those are the ones i would go for, stay away from bambino mio & tot bots – waste of money.

My largest supply of nappies i bought on ebay you can find them here , they come in a large range of prints and are quite good once you work out how many inserts your baby requires. I purchased a mix of inserts (bamboo & microfibre).

If you would like any advice about reusable nappies or anything else i have posted feel free to ask



NATY – Eco disposable bags

Without these biodegradable disposable bags i feel quite lost, my boys are in NATY pull ups now so i don’t have the sticky tabs to help me anymore. I feel guilty using supermarket bags to wrap the nappies to throw in the bin as they cause a lot of pollution.

Current stockists –

Sainsburys, Boots, Toys r us, Amazon


NATY – nature babycare Eco breast pads

Comfortable, absorbent breast pads…. The lining is made from natural materials and helps draw milk away from the skin and into the absorbent core. The inner and outer lining is made from a natural GM free corn film and is 100% chlorine-free.

I would recommend these as i have used them for years

Current stockists –

Sainsburys, Boots, Tesco, Toys r us and Amazon

Naty – Nature baby care nappies

I have used NATY nappies with all 3 of our children, i first came across them when S was about 10 months old and i haven’t looked back. These nappies are kind to baby, kind to the environment and also very absorbent!

They are biodegradable, 100% chlorine-free and keep oil-based plastics away from baby’s skin. Absorbent pulp is from sustainably harvested Scandinavian forests and the patented center-channel means a less bulky fit while enhancing leak protection.

Yes they may be more expensive than some of the leading brands but that is for a reason, they don’t use the cheap material and chemicals which can harm your child and the environment.

My usual stockists are :

Sainsburys, Boots, Tesco and Toys r us